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To give a stylish look and appeal to the residential as well as commercial places, the best option is PVC Wall Panels because it’s available in a variety of designs and textures. and it’s easy to maintain. With add on feature of being waterproof, it is widely popular at locations where wall seepage is a common issue. With added benefit of being easily uninstallable it can be easily removed while relocating your office or home. It helps in the safe fitting of lighting, access hatches, and air-vents as these panels are non-porous and nonabsorbent.

• Maintenance-free as it does not require paint, varnish or polish
• Provides good thermal insulation.
• Can be fabricated with conventional woodworking tools.
• It is termite-proof and resistant to other wood boring insects.
• Fire retardant.
• Water, moisture and chemical proof.
• Wide color & design available with wood- like finishes
• Feels and looks like wood
• Environment friendly as it is 100% recyclable
• Easy to fabricate

Wall paneling and False ceiling of offices, homes, clubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, religious places, etc.

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